Digital Level Indicator



Model LI ‐ 10 indicator is panel mounted DIN size instrument with Digital display. Indicates the percentage of Liquid or any other fluid when attached to the sensor and fitted to the overhead or underground tank according to the level of Liquid or any other fluid in the tank. Also, when the Liquid level touches the upper sensor or falls below the lower sensor, the indicator gives buzzer till acknowledged.


Salient Features: 

  • Digital electronic circuit for long trouble free life.
  • 3/4/5 ‐ Level Display i.e. 20%, 40%, 60% up to 99%
  • Display Error signals
  • Indicator gives buzzer when Liquid level goes below 20% (ON REQUEST)
  • Indicator gives buzzer when Liquid level goes above 99% (ON REQUEST)
  • Buzzer timing Programmable (ON REQUEST)
  • Easy to Install.

Technical Specifications

S.No. Name Output
1 Display 2 Digits LED, 25mm
2 Levels 3/4/5
3 Sensor Magnetic/Conductive
4 Operating Voltage 220V AC, 50Hz
5 Temperature up to 55 0C
6 Humidity up to 85% R.H
7 Duty Cycle Continuous
8 Size  Front Fascia 96mm x 96mm
9 Panel Cutout 92mm x 92mm
10 Depth 110mm + 5mm
11 Power Consumption less than 5 Watts
12 Mounting Panel